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Léa Kichler, Director

Leá Kichler is a 19 year-old college student with a love for the visual aesthetic. Her goal is to take the ordinary and turn it into something beautiful, whether it is a glass of water, a doorknob, or a sock. Born in a French-American household, she’s been lucky enough to explore various cultures and travel the world. She hopes to bring the insight she’s gained through her travels into the films she creates, and enlighten viewers with various facts and knowledge she’s had the chance to learn. She has already, at her young age, won several awards for her work including for her film “Let’s Talk About Water” that was featured on One Earth Film Festival’s opening night; inclusion of her work in Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art’s Teen Showcase; internships at The Weinstein Company and Havas 360 in Lyon, France; and recently her work for a design she made for Snapchat’s billboard ads was featured in Adweek. Leá recently signed on with BoomThrift and is currently a Fine Arts Major in Film and Graphic Design Cinema Studies at University of Pennsylvania.