Built on a rebellious “indie” philosophy, BOOMTHRIFT creatively produces superior, scalable film, video and Web content, on thrifty and practical budgets. With the ability to maneuver efficiently throughout any point in the production process, BOOMTHRIFT utilizes resources such as full-service production, post-production, motion graphics, and 3D elements to deliver innovative, on-target, effective solutions for nationally respected clients and brands -- without sacrificing the power of their ideas.

Founded by Executive Producer Leigh Jones, BOOMTHRIFT draws from her decades of indie feature, commercial and advertising production experience. The company is made up of a fiercely collaborative, and uniquely qualified group of artists recognized and well versed in all facets of production including independent features, documentaries, short films, and commercial video productions, as well as the integration of digital and alternative media content.

BOOMTHRIFT prides itself on an indie approach that has not only served us well in our individual, artistic pursuits; it has become the catalyst for every project we take on.

Boomthrift is a certified WBENC woman owned business.